One of the statements you will read on a regular basis in my writing originally came to me from Peter Lynch, the former manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund and one of the people who was instrumental in inspiring me to manage my own money, who said: “Never invest in businesses you don’t understand.” Sage advice that I always remember. I just wish I could say that I always remembered it before every investment I make. All too often, I find myself reminded of that pearl of wisdom when I am analyzing the factors that caused me to make one of my losing investments. 


In 1982, on a late summer afternoon, I was walking through a parking lot when I noticed a white Rolls Royce turning into a parking space up ahead of me directly within my existing path. Not being a person hindered by a shy and withdrawn personality, I timed my progression to reach the car just as the driver was exiting the vehicle and reaching the rear of it as I passed. Being in the south, when eye contact was made, we exchanged the typical courtesy greeting of southern strangers with a smile and "How are you doing?" 


At Self-Made Millioniare, we do not believe that we are going to pick "big" winners consistently enough to build a personal fortune quickly. However, we do understand that the largest mountain can be built moving one bucket of sand at a time, if we are simply willing to stick with the task consistently over an extended period of time. Rather than attempting to "time" the market and hope a stock will move in our favor now, our objective is to find (what we believe to be) under valued companies that provide us with an opportunity for 1.5% to 3% profits in a 30 to 60-day time frame through selling options against those securities. 

Options 101

People in the professional world of finance would like you to believe that trading options on stocks is very complicated and very risky. They would like you to believe that it is a technique that should only be employed by serious professionals who are capable of dealing with the massive complexities of this type of activity. They will also eagerly point out that the vast majority of people who engage in options trading on stocks eventually lose money. The first statement may or may not be true, depending on the particular strategy employed; the second statement is most certainly true and the professionals in the financial world are more than happy to advise you of these facts since they charge very significant fees to provide you with “professional guidance” in this area, should you wish to participate.



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