Our Mission Statement

The purpose of Self-Made Millionaire is to provide an opportunity for those interested in learning how to accumulate wealth by making small gains, on a consistent basis, over an extended period of time, through the miracle of mathematical compounding with the information and skills necessary to do so. Our objective is to generate a 15% annualized rate of return on total account capital allocated to the Tracking Portfolio which will be used to measure and display the level of our success toward achieving this objective.


One of the statements you will read on a regular basis in my writing originally came to me from Peter Lynch, the former manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund and one of the people who was instrumental in inspiring me to manage my own money, who said: “Never invest in businesses you don’t understand.” Sage advice that I always remember. I just wish I could say that I always remembered it before every investment I make. All too often, I find myself reminded of that pearl of wisdom when I am analyzing the factors that caused me to make one of my losing investments. 


The information and trades presented in Self-Made Millionaire and listed in the "Tracking Portfolio" are actual trades that have been executed in a real brokerage account. These trades are made using an original capital allocation of $113,172.25 and the 2012 returns shown are based upon that capital amount. Going forward beyond 2012, the Tracking Portfolio will be measured in terms of Year-to-Date performance for the current calendar year against the opening balance on January 1st of each year AND the Performance Since Inception that will calculate the rate of return against the original capital allocated to the Portfolio. 


In 1982, on a late summer afternoon, I was walking through a parking lot when I noticed a white Rolls Royce turning into a parking space up ahead of me directly within my existing path. Not being a person hindered by a shy and withdrawn personality, I timed my progression to reach the car just as the driver was exiting the vehicle and reaching the rear of it as I passed. Being in the south, when eye contact was made, we exchanged the typical courtesy greeting of southern strangers with a smile and "How are you doing?" 


One of the favorite questions we get here at Self-Made Millionaire Academy from younger investors just starting out is: “How should I invest the small amount of money I have in initial capital since I am just getting started and can’t afford to lose it?” Our answer: “Invest your starting capital as if your net worth is $10 million and you are investing it all.” You see, whether you have $10,000 or $10 million, all you have is all you have and must be allocated with the same degree of care.



All information presented on this site represents only the opinions of the author. It is in no way a recommendation to buy or sell any of the securities discussed. The author is presenting information that is accurate to the best of his knowledge at the time it is written but provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of this information. It is the intention of this site to present to its readers a method of trading securities that allows for the consistent generation of profits within a core account. The trades shown in the Tracking Portfolio and discussed as executed trades in the Trade Alerts and Updates are actual trades that were made with real funds allocated toward the original funding of the Tracking Portfolio. This however should not be construed to indicate that any reader would be able to enter the same trades at similar prices thus producing the same results as the author.